Would you like to make an appointment with us, but are unable to do so for health reasons or simply because you want to avoid a potential risk of infection?

In this case we are happy to offer you the first meeting with Mr. Bürthel by Skype (video telephony) or telephone. There is absolutely nothing standing in the way of completing a mandate by phone, Skype and email. If you wish, no single appointment at our office is necessary.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the details.

Wartebereich der Kanzlei in Weilerbach

Law office Bürthel

in Weilerbach, near Kaiserslautern and Ramstein

Lawyer Michael W. Bürthel

Helping solve your legal problems throughout the Federal Republic of Germany

At the law office of Michael W. Bürthel in Weilerbach, near Kaiserslautern and Ramstein, we are dedicated to helping people through the practice of law. Most people never have a reason to seek a lawyer's help until there is a crisis in their lives (e.g. divorce, DUI arrest, or a problem at work).

I am Michael W. Bürthel. Since founding our law office in 2010, I have practiced law and specialized in family law and labor law. Additionally I took specialized courses and classes and passed exams to become specialized lawyer in labor law (Fachanwaltskurs für Arbeitsrecht). In my capacity, I represent employees, labor unions and employee organizations. Since 2016 I am a certified lawyer for labor law (Fachanwalt für Arbeitsrecht) and since 2018 I am a certified lawyer for family law (Fachanwalt für Familienrecht).

Examining all aspects of your case

We handle your case to achieve the best results for you from both a financial and emotional point of view. As a lawyer, I have to be aware not only ofthe law, but also be aware of relationships of the parties involved in a case whether I am solving a problem with your boss at work, creating a parenting plan for your family after a divorce, or protecting a child's future if he or she was charged with a crime, etc.

Preserving relationships

Our goal is to help resolve your legal problem as quickly as possible and at an affordable fee. The best way to accomplish this is to preserve relationships, so both sides can communicate effectively. Good communication leads to a faster resolution of legal issues and keeps legal fees lower.


We will inform you before any fees occur.

Hours of business

By appointment only.

For more information or schedule an attorney consultation

Call 06374 / 929 90-20 or fill out the contact form on this website. 

Where we are and parking options

Our law office is located in Weilerbach at Hauptstr. 26. When entering Weilerbach from Kaiserslautem, you will find our office on the left side of the main road. The entrance to our parking lot is a few meters past "Kreissparkasse". The inner courtyard has plenty of parking space. We share the courtyard with the clothing shop „Caspino“, the restaurant Puur! and the dentist Dr. Klos- Friedel. You can enter our office from the backside of the building, passing the stairway on the first upper floor above the clothing shop.

Michael W. Bürthel

I am a lawyer for labor law and family law who can provide you with the guidance needed in legal matters.